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Christopher Chan wrote:
Right now I can use either maildrop or dovecot's lda with postfix. No
injecting into a qmail queue for final delivery into the vpopmail mail
store. Are you saying you would like a vpopmail lda for postfix?
Something that supports dot-qmail rather than whatever maildrop or
dovecot provides?

I'm not specifically saying anything.  I was more interested in what others 
and was paving the way by saying that we have no objections.

Do you have any objections you'd like to discuss?
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I like Christopher's approach. I'm personally looking to migrate to dovecot's LDA ('deliver') in place of maildrop.

I would like to see some discussion about this as well. I think that examining the role of vpopmail in today's email landscape has merit. I'm not intimately familiar with vpopmail's history, but I have used it a bit as part of the qmail-toaster (see

It might be useful to start with what vpopmail is not. It's not an MTA, an MDA, nor MSA (submission), although it interfaces with all of them. In my mind, vpopmail is an authentication store, which handles mail related data in support of virtual domains and users. Sort of a Mail Authentication Agent. It handles all of the data related to implementing virtual email services (domains and users), although it doesn't handle an email itself. It also provides APIs/interfaces for the various other Mail Agents (MTAs, MDAs, etc), so that they can obtain the data they need to operate according to the data stored in vpopmail. Perhaps vdommail or simply vmail would have been a more appropriate name. I kinda like the former as vdom rhymes with freedom.

How's this for starters?

In the future (months), I would like to see qmailadmin and vqadmin consolidated into a single package in support of vpopmail. I don't see any purpose in having 2 separate web applications.

Longer term (years), I'd like to see vpopmail interface with a FreeIPA back end server.

Critique welcome.

-Eric 'shubes'


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