Kindlly help me in uninstalling vpopmail...


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Re: Re[10]: [vchkpw] Issues with vpopmail

am not sure what he is looking for but I have used vpopmail for over 10
years and never had any problems. If you need quota then yes that’s a
different story. In the old days you could use and configure vpopmail
with OS quota (linux etc) but now with the new version you can use
vpopmail integrated function even though I have not use the quota for a
while since all my clients do pop and get them down to their client
machine so I do not have that problem but I would suggest to read the
new readme for the quota. If you do not need it then do not worry just
install follow Bill’s direction and you will be up and running in about
1 hour. 

If you still need help let me know but I will be out of the country (traveling 
to Italy) and be gone fo 2 weeks. 



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i have .qmail-default in /home/vpopmail/~vpopmail/domains/user/ 
directory. and this file contains:

| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox



1) To use maildirsize files you have to configure vpopmail without
--enable-domainquotas option. Then each user with defined quota will
have file called maildirsize in his maildir. E.g.
/home/vpopmail/domains/ This
file contains information about disk space usage and is updated every
time user deletes messages via pop3/imap or new message arrives. You
can read more about this method here: 

2) Regarding messages w/o fields - what is in .qmail-default file in
/home/vpopmail/domains/<your-domain> directory? Could you post
all contents of this message (if it's not too big) here? 

3) Honestly, I've never uninstalled vpopmail, but I think that if you
remove domain name from /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains  then
mail for this domain will not be processed by vpopmail. But there are
no other options for virtual domains with qmail. Vmailmgr is way
obsolete imho. Also you could try 'make uninstall' :) 

Friday, November 27, 2009, 12:28:32 PM, you wrote: 


can you please explain what do you mean by "old-fashioned quotas, which
are using maildirsize file in user's directory" and how can i set

Any suggestions why i am getting empty mails without sender, recipient,
subject and content... what should i look for to rectify this??

thirdly how i can uninstall vpopmail completely from my server.






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