I would also recommend reading qmailtoaster and shupp.org/toaster resources as Eric and Remo suggested.

Apart from that, I can only share my vusaged and vusagec configs, which were working while I tested them. However, I chose to use old-fashioned quotas, which are using maildirsize file in user's directory (vpopmail is compiled without --enable-domainquotas option).

Please take a note that directive 'Disable' in vusagec.conf requires patch which is available on this list in thread 'patch to disable vusaged'.

My vusagec.conf:

--start file--


   Disable = 1;


   Filename = /tmp/vusaged.sock;

   Timeout = 1;

--end file--

My vusaged.conf:

--start file--


   Level = 1;


   Filename = /tmp/vusaged.sock;

   UID = vpopmail;

   GID = vchkpw;

   Client timeout = 5;                          // Inactivity timeout in seconds

   Poll timeout = 1;

   Detect client timeout = 4;


   Workers = 10;

   Max queue size = 1000;


   Use Maildir++ format = True;

   Directory minimum poll time = 120;

   Count directory entry size = False;

   Age Factor = 1;

--end file--

Thursday, November 26, 2009, 12:47:11 PM, you wrote:


Hi Pavel

thanks for replying. i want to explain my whole scenario so that it will be easier to suggest what should i do....

firstly i configured qmail server and qmail-pop3d with Maildir format. it was working fine. and than i need to set user quotas so i googled and found vpopmail.

i installed it and created new domain, user and set user quota.

but i was getting error in running vusaged (/vusaged: error while loading shared libraries: libev.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

so i commented out Listen line in vusaged.conf file than i got this:


config: using /home/vpopmail/etc/vusaged.conf

socket: listening on /tmp/vusaged.sock

vusaged: begin

controller: stage one

controller: stage two

so i think it is working fine now.

but now my problem is in log file i am getting this error:

delivery 13: success: client_connect:_connect_failed:_13/client_connect:_connect_failed:_13/client_connect:_connect_failed:_13/tcprules:_fatal:_unable_to_parse_this_line:_Received:_(qmail_4552_invoked_from_network);_25_Nov_2009_09:46:36_-0000/client_connect:_connect_failed:_13/did_0+0+1/

and in mailbox also, i get an empty mail without any to: from: subject and content.

vdominfo is working fine but in vuserinfo i get the same error saying:

client_connect: connect failed: 13

i dont know what should i do....... i am configuring mail server for the first time and i am not so clear about the internal processes.... so if anyone can help me in understanding what vusaged and vusagec do (any link which have all the explanation) and what should i do to get my mails with all attributes rather than a blank mail....

hoping to get any solution to my problem....



Best regards,

 Pavel                            mailto:bal...@msmu.ru



Best regards,

 Pavel                            mailto:bal...@msmu.ru


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