Eric Shubert skriver:
Hey Allan.

Hey Eric Thanks for your reply. [Snip]
The server you've built is fairly close to a qmail-toaster
( As the project leader there, I'm curious
to know why you didn't choose to go that route. We aim to make QMT easy to
build and suitable for as many situations as we can. Care to comment?

I use Ubuntu Server for this project, as for most others in the company, and
I want to have as much control of the application as possible, and I want to
migrate to the new server whith as few changes as possible, so I concluded
that the best way was to follow the procedure i used for the current
production server, which was inspired by
Oh, and one more thing. You really should consider using spamdyke
( It's the single most effective spam fighting tool
available, and it only works with qmail (at this time).

I use an other company product as a spam firewall in front of my server. Kind regards
Allan Dukat


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