On 08/20/2012 05:26 AM, Allan Dukat wrote:
I use Ubuntu Server for this project, as for most others in the company,
I want to have as much control of the application as possible, and I
want to
migrate to the new server whith as few changes as possible, so I concluded
that the best way was to follow the procedure i used for the current
production server, which was inspired by http://www.lifewithqmail.org/

QMT is a descendant of lifewithqmail as well. QMT is an offshoot of qmailrocks, which is an offshoot of LWQ. So they have strong similarities, although LWQ and QMR are no longer active projects TTBOMK.

Unfortunately, QMT hasn't been ported to .deb based systems yet (rpm platforms only). We hope to do this in the future though, as we're in the process of moving sources to Github, and plan to build binary packages using the openSUSE Build Service, which will allow us to build binaries for all the major linux distros. We presently have a repository with 9 mirrors world wide provided by community members.

QMT has grown into a strong community project, and we welcome whoever would like to participate. People with qmail and debian based experience will be especially welcomed additions to the community at some point. Like I said though, we're not yet ready to be cranking out debian builds. When we are though, I'll try to remember to look you up.

Thanks Allan.

-Eric 'shubes'


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