John M. Simpson skriver:
On 2012-08-17, at 13:33, Allan Dukat wrote:
> On my current server I am using the netqmail-1.05-validrcptto.cdb.patch
> but I have decided to switch to chkuser.patch, so chkuser is new to me.
Is it okay for me (the author of the validrcptto.cdb code) to ask why you
decided to switch?

Sure. It is not that I have had any problems whith your patches, which I
have used for years.
But for a long time ago I made a note to my self, that chkuser was
recommended on this list, so I checked it up when I started the build of
this new server.
I concluded that I did not need the pipe-watcher functionality if I used the
chkuser.patch, thus my system would be less complex. That's the only reason. Kind regards
Allan Dukat


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