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Take for example the donation of ServiceMix by LogicBlaze. LogicBlaze
renamed its product offering of ServiceMix to FUSE.

Reread the request!

They aren't asking to brand a fork of the software, or similar that you
are citing.

They are asking if they provide the "VCL Server" will we be mad?

No more than if they hosted an "Apache HTTP Server" or "Tomcat Server".

If they shipped software they called "VCL" then yes, we would take issue.

Nope - they're asking if they brand a service "VCL" will we be mad.

Akin to my setting up a hosting service called "Tomcat" (or DimSum
Tomcat) that lets people log in and run their own Tomcat servers. Plus
if I decide to throw out Tomcat and use Jetty instead, I still get to
call it DimSum Tomcat.


Hen is correct about it being a service. The VCL software is designed to be run as a service. The software was initially developed at NCSU, and they have a service that was initially known as "VCL". As other institutions started using the software, NCSU changed their service to be "NCSU VCL" and allowed others to brand their services as "<institution name> VCL" (i.e. "GMU VCL"). It was assumed that with moving the development of the software to ASF, it would be named "Apache VCL" and that people using it would have the
option to name their services "<institution name> VCL".

There was much discussion on the vcl-...@incubator.a.o list about whether or not there were legal issues with that; thus, the discussion was brought up on

Also, there's a possibility that it may be technically legal, but ASF would frown on it. People at NCSU have thought that using the name Apache VCL would bring those that already knew about VCL while it was developed at NCSU to the ASF community. Thus, it has been confusing that an action that was motivated by the goal of building Apache VCL community would be frowned upon. As a new project that is trying to make it in the ASF Way, we want to avoid
being frowned upon. :)

What about the VCL community, https://vcl.ncsu.edu/vcl-community. What are the future plans for that community?


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