On May 28, 2009, at 5:01 PM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

Take for example the donation of ServiceMix by LogicBlaze. LogicBlaze
renamed its product offering of ServiceMix to FUSE.

Reread the request!

They aren't asking to brand a fork of the software, or similar that you
are citing.

They are asking if they provide the "VCL Server" will we be mad?

No more than if they hosted an "Apache HTTP Server" or "Tomcat Server".

If they shipped software they called "VCL" then yes, we would take issue.

And if LogicBlaze offered ServiceMix as SaaS would there not be confusion that ServiceMix is actually developed at LogicBlaze and Apache ServiceMix is merely an off shoot project?

If LogicBlaze had things on their site like

- ServiceMix News
- ServiceMix Email notifications
- ServiceMix Community - a community which has nothing to do with Apache ServiceMix

you don't think that would be confusing? Frankly I am baffled as to why we can't just change our project name. But then NCSU staff and executives argue against that. Doesn't that seem like they are attempting to keep the brand association? If they are do we care?

Don't get me wrong, NCSU VCL is bending over backwards to be accommodating; the project is doing well. Since this is not a legal issue, per Larry's trusted opinion, and if no one else has problems with this then, I guess, neither do I. If no one objects I'm happy to let lazy consensus dictate that the name is ok.


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