By default - users are allowed to have one concurrent reservation.

The 'Max Overlapping Reservations' user group attribute, allows any user in that group to request/reserve more than one image up to the setting.

ie. Max Overlapping Reservations = 10, the users in that group get up to 10 concurrent reservations.

I don't recall if the default admin account already has this attribute set - it should.

Some other things to check:

Image profile "Maximum Concurrent Usage"
mange images - edit image profile - Advanced Options
Make sure "Maximum Concurrent Usage" is empty.

Available computers
make sure the computer group the image is mapped to has more than one available computer. Make sure the image's memory,processor,networking settings are less than any of the computer memory,processor,networking specifications. If the image requirements are greater than the web scheduler won't find any available machines.


--On October 21, 2009 9:59:27 AM -0400 Brian Bouterse <> wrote:

Thanks for the info.  I'm not sure what the 'Max Overlapping
Reservations" is for, but it still doesn't allow me to reserve the same
image multiple times.  I assume it only allows me to reserve different
images concurrently, but not the same image.

Does anyone know of a way to sidestep this check?


Brian Bouterse
NEXT Services

On Oct 20, 2009, at 8:16 PM, Creech, David wrote:

Brian - assuming you have the correct privileges you should be able
to go to Manage Groups, click on "Add" under user groups and there
is a field named "Max Overlapping Reservations" where you can
designate the number of concurrent reservations for that user group.

Once the group has been created then it's just a matter of adding
your UserID to that user group.

Hope this helps!

David Creech
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From: Brian Bouterse []
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 6:54 PM
Subject: Multiple Reservations For the Same Image Form the Same User

I am trying to place multiple reservations for the same image from the
same user ('admin') at the same time.  When I try to place the
reservation for the second image I receive the error:

The time you requested overlaps with another reservation you currently
have. You are only allowed to have a single reservation at any given
time. Please select another time to use the application. If you are
finished with an active reservation, click "Current Reservations",
then click the "End" button of your active reservation.

Is there a way I can bypass this check?


Brian Bouterse
NEXT Services

Aaron Peeler
OIT Advanced Computing
College of Engineering-NCSU

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