Hi Terry,
Sorry for the delay. This information is helpful. You're right, the root cause seems to be that sysprep_cmdlines.cmd isn't running.

I have seen the issue where you can't enter a password before. This only seems to happen for the newer style logon screen, not the classic logon screen. I'm not sure of the cause but you can get to the classic logon screen by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del twice. Under the VMware console, press Ctrl-Alt-Insert twice.

You can begin troubleshooting by examining C:\Windows\setuplog.txt file. There should be a few lines that look like the section I have copied to the end of this message. Search setuplog.txt for "sysprep_cmdlines.cmd". Does anything show up?

Next, examine the Sysprep files. A copy of the same exact Sysprep files used when the image loaded should still be on the computer in C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Utilities\Sysprep. This directory is copied to C:\Sysprep before an image is captured. Sysprep automatically deletes C:\Sysprep when it finishes, so the VCL code copies everything to C:\cygwin\... and then makes an additional copy in C:\Sysprep so that the files are retained for troubleshooting.

The "InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386" line is correct. Within the Sysprep directory, there should also be the following file:

This InstallFilesPath line in sysprep.inf causes cmdlines.txt to be processed during minisetup. Sysprep automatically calls the commands in cmdlines.txt before the computer boots Windows for the first time. You should see a call to sysprep_cmdlines.cmd in cmdlines.txt.

So, make sure of the following:
-cmdlines.txt resides in the location noted above
-cmdlines.txt includes a line calling sysprep_cmdlines.cmd

You can troubleshoot this by manually running Sysprep. But first, load your image by making an imaging reservation (Manage Images -> Create/Update image) rather than a normal reservation. The reason for this is because VCL configures the VM to run in persistent mode for imaging reservations and nonpersistent mode for normal reservations. If the VM is running in nonpersistent mode and you reboot the machine, it will likely restart in the initial hard drive state saved in the .vmdk files rather than the state the VM before it was rebooted. If running in persistent mode, the VM's hard drive state is saved when it is rebooted.

Manually run Sysprep:
-Log in as root
-Copy the entire Sysprep directory under C:\cygwin to C:\
-Copy the entire C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Drivers directory to C:\Sysprep
-Delete C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Logs to replicate the original state
-Run the command: "C:\Sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /reseal /mini /reboot"

You should see the computer reboot into the minisetup phase. Towards the end of this phase, you should see some black command boxes appear then close. This is when sysprep_cmdlines.cmd is being run. It should then reboot again and automatically log on as root.

If you don't see the black boxes during minisetup and it doesn't autologon, try manually running the command contained within cmdlines.txt after Sysprep is done:
-Log in as root
-Delete C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Logs
-Open cmd.exe
-Run this command (1 line):
cmd.exe /c C:\Cygwin\home\root\VCL\Scripts\sysprep_cmdlines.cmd > C:\Cygwin\home\root\VCL\Logs\sysprep_cmdlines.log 2>&1

If things still aren't working, I'm wondering if it could be a permissions problem. Make sure root is the owner of its home directory:
-Log in as root
-Open a Cygwin shell
-Run: "chown -R root:Administrators ~/"
-Try running Sysprep again

Hope this helps,

setuplog.txt section showing where sysprep_cmdlines.cmd was run:

03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\log.c,133,,SetUpVirtualMemory: loc 1 03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\log.c,133,,Setup configured the system to place a 384 MB pagefile on drive C:. 03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\log.c,133,,Crashdump was enabled. 03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\log.c,133,,SetUpVirtualMemory: EXIT (1) 03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syssetup.c,2725,,Power scheme: desktop. 03/12/2010 15:08:14.155,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syssetup.c,2729,,SetActivePwrScheme succeeded. 03/12/2010 15:08:21.343,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\log.c,133,,The external program cmd.exe /c C:\Cygwin\home\root\VCL\Scripts\sysprep_cmdlines.cmd > C:\Cygwin\home\root\VCL\Logs\sysprep_cmdlines.log 2>&1 returned exit code 0. 03/12/2010 15:08:21.343,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syssetup.c,4034,BEGIN_SECTION,Fixing up hives 03/12/2010 15:08:21.593,d:\xpsp\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syssetup.c,4041,END_SECTION,Fixing up hives

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