Well, I think the base image is officially captured, but I don't seem to be 
able to quite make it work.  I've repeated the capture a few times and always 
end up in a situation where, when I make a reservation for the image, the image 
loads on the VM and various other useful-looking things happen, but ends before 
the reservation is made available to me with this error:

2010-02-17 17:01:23|16589|3:8|new|vmware.pm:load(848)|vmguest-1 ROUND 1 checks 
loop 19 of 40
2010-02-17 17:01:23|16589|3:8|new|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6180)|executing SSH 
command on localvmhost:
|16589|3:8|new| /usr/bin/ssh -i /etc/vcl/vcl.key  -l root -p 22 -x localvmhost 
'vmware-cmd /var/lib/vmware/Virtual\ 
getstate' 2>&1
17:01:24|16589|3:8|new|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6262)|run_ssh_command output:
|16589|3:8|new| getstate() = on
2010-02-17 17:01:24|16589|3:8|new|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6276)|SSH command 
executed on localvmhost, returning (0, "getstate() = on")
2010-02-17 17:01:24|16589|3:8|new|vmware.pm:load(852)|rechecking state of vm 
vmguest-1 /var/lib/vmware/Virtual\ 
2010-02-17 17:01:24|16589|3:8|new|vmware.pm:load(857)|vm vmguest-1 reports on
2010-02-17 17:01:24|16589|3:8|new|vmware.pm:load(868)|sshd is NOT active on 
vmguest-1 yet

It tries for a long time to ssh into the machine, but doesn't succeed.  I see 
in the vmware server console that the vm is up and running, but it can't be 
sshed into.  When I try it from the management node's command line, I get 
"connection refused".  Obviously, it *was* working, so I guess something went 
screwy in the capture process, yes?  But, well, I haven't been able to figure 
out what.  Thus, yet another message out to you.



On 10 Feb 2010, at 0940h, Andy Kurth wrote:

> It looks like the image capture was successful and the vmware.pm module had 
> trouble changing the file names to the new image name.  I don't think it was 
> the result of renaming the VM directory.  You had the right idea by changing 
> it to match the reservation ID.  I think the problem has to do with the 
> original names of the .vmdk files which were named after the manually created 
> VM.  What are the contents of /install/vmware_images/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0/?
> At this point I would manually fix the captured VM files.  The .vmdk files 
> should be named vmwarewinxp-base7-v0-s00x.vmdk.  Rename all of the .vmdk 
> files in the /install/vmware_images/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0/ directory to match 
> this format.  Change the first part of the names but keep the 's00x.vmdk' as 
> they are named now.
> There should be one .vmdk file without the 's00x' part.  This should now be 
> named vmwarewinxp-base7-v0.vmdk.  This file needs to be edited because it 
> contains the names of the other .vmdk files.  You should see an "Extent 
> description" section in the file with the original names.  Change each lines 
> to include 'vmwarewinxp-base7-v0-x00x.vmdk' instead of the old name.
> Next, make sure the VCL 'deleted' column in the image and imagerevision 
> tables for this image is set to 0.  In the image table, check id=7.  You'll 
> have to look at the imagerevision table to figure out which one is for this 
> revision. The imagerevision.imagename value will be vmwarewinxp-base7-v0.
> Next, make sure there isn't a directory named '/var/lib/vmware/Virtual 
> Machines/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0'.  There shouldn't be one but check to make 
> sure.  If it exists, rename it for now.
> Next, cross your fingers and try to make a reservation for this image.  If 
> you created and configured multiple VMs in VCL then another one should 
> already be in the available state and you should be able to make a 
> reservation.  If not, change the state of your VM to 'available' via Manage 
> Computers.
> If you have trouble, the following will be useful:
> $ ls -l /install/vmware_images
> $ ls -l /install/vmware_images/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0
> $ ls -l /var/lib/vmware/Virtual\ Machines/
> $ cat /install/vmware_images/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0/vmwarewinxp-base7-v0.vmdk
> I'm thinking there's a problem with the instructions that caused this latest 
> problem.  I'll go through them.  Stating the obvious, but we obviously need a 
> much better way to create base image reservations.

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