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We're not using partimage-ng.  So, I haven't worked with it since I initially 
wrote the code to handle it.  partimage can definitely handle a mix of windows 
and linux images.  We use it quite heavily.  Also, I see there is a newer 
version of partimage-ng than the one I compiled into the rootimg.gz image, and 
it can even handle LVM partitions.  So, it may be worth giving that a shot.  I 
was hoping to see if I could replicate your problem soon but didn't have time 
to.  I'm out all next week.  So, it'd be the first week of July before I'll 
have any time to do any testing with it.


On Thursday June 23, 2011, Prem Kumar wrote:
> hi Josh,
> i seem to get a feeling that partimage-ng cannot support 'UEFI; based
> partitions, hence when it tries to restore an image to a disk with a
> previously installed linux partition, results in an error.
> could you confirm that if partimage/partimage-ng could be used to
> capture/restore bare metal images of Windows? if this isn't true, then
> is WinPE the only option?
> ??
> regards,
> prem.
> On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Prem Kumar <prem.it.ku...@gmail.com> 
> > hello again,
> > 
> > i have not been able to restore a 'windows 7' image back onto a node
> > that initially had an 'rhel' installed, essentially due to difference
> > in partitions.
> > 
> > since i ended up using partimage-ng for creating 'rhel' images by
> > setting usepartimageng=1 in the /install/postscripts/partimageng
> > script. now i am married to using partimage-ng section of the
> > /install/postscripts/partimageng script.
> > 
> > -- any idea how i could resolve this? I missing something again?
> > 
> > could we zero out the partition on restore and would it work?
> > 
> > regards,
> > prem.
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