hello Andy,

interesting, i wouldn't have thought about this. thank you for this
tip, let me try it out.

also currently i am giving it a try with partimage as opposed to
partimage-ng and see how it goes.


> I think it may be easiest to recreate your Windows base image using
> non-UEFI partitions.  Although I didn't seem to have trouble loading
> the image, I did have difficulties getting xCAT to boot to the Windows
> partition after it was loaded.  The problem I encountered was that the
> Windows installer changed the boot order for the blade in the BIOS.
> It replaced "Local Disk" with something like "Windows Boot Partition".
>  The image would not boot when it was loaded on other blades which
> still had "Local Disk" in the boot order.
> I disabled the UEFI extension in the BIOS, set the boot order back to
> Local Disk, and reinstalled Windows 7.  This caused the Windows
> installer to create normal partitions and it didn't mess with the BIOS
> settings.  This captured image then worked on other blades.
> Hope this helps,
> Andy>

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