I also recall having an issue with the vcldojo code. I never entirely figured 
out how to integrate it into the custom dojo profiles, opting instead to just 
keep it separate. As I look at the 2.2.1 code, this only seems to apply to the 
{request | new | edit}BlockAllocation modes. In the .ht-inc/utils.php file, I 
added a line that would explicitly load js/vcldojo/TimeTextBoxEnd.js in the 
getDojoHTML function:

if ($mode != 'blockAllocations'){
  $rt .= "<script type=\"text/javascript\" 

These lines would be inserted after dojo/dojo/dojo.js and the relevant 
dojo/dojo/dojoCustom.js scripts are loaded.

Hope that helps!

Aaron Coburn
Systems Administrator and Programmer
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On Apr 5, 2012, at 8:50 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:


I've been working on this JIRA issue.  I'm having a problem with the custom
vcldojo.* objects.  I copied the vcl/js/vcldojo directory to the dojo source
as a sibling directory of dojo, dijit, and dojox, and listed the relative path
to vcldojo at the end of the vcl.profile.js file the same way you did in the
one you attached to the JIRA issue.  However, when I load any pages that have
a widget from vcldojo, I'm getting a javascript error that dojo could not load
the widget.  Also, it is doing a separate load of the .js file for that widget
even though I can see that the widget was built in to the layer file.  Did you
have any issues similar to this?  Any ideas?


On Friday, August 26, 2011 3:47:54 PM you wrote:

Thanks for creating a JIRA issue about it and adding some patches.  You're
definitely right about the number of GETs slowing down page loads.  I was
planning on creating one dojo include per VCL page in the next release,
though I never created a JIRA issue about it.  I did do some work already,
but I like how you structured it a little better.


On Friday August 26, 2011, Aaron Coburn wrote:
Many parts of the VCL web interface use the Dojo javascript framework,
which has a nice facility for incrementally loading the classes needed
for a particular page through the dojo.require(...) function. On some
pages, however, the number of separate GET requests grows rather large.
This makes the pages much less responsive, especially when a page is
loaded for the first time.

With dojo, it is also possible to create custom 'profiles', which are
groups of dojo classes that are assembled into a single javascript
library. More information about this is available here:

I assembled about a dozen of these 'profiles' for our VCL installation,
and with some modification to the .ht-inc/utils.php page, this change
has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the loading and rendering of
the vcl web pages.

Is there any thought for moving in this direction for an upcoming
release? I have created a JIRA issue for this at:

where I have included some more information as well as the code I used
implement this in our VCL setup.

Best wishes,

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