On May 8, 2012, at 10:33 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:

> Graduating will not and should not change the way VCL is used or how
> the community operates.  Upon successful graduation, there are some
> administrative tasks that need to be done but the day-to-day community
> activity shouldn't change.  I think this is the main point for the
> whole process.  Once the community demonstrates that it is diverse,
> viable, and aligned with the ASF philosophy and policies, it graduates
> and continues to operate in the same manner.

Well put Aaron and Andy. 

Process-wise -- currently the Apache Incubator PMC is performing oversight of 
the VCL project. After graduation as a Top Level Project, the VCL PMC will be 
in charge of this oversight. This reduces some administrative bureaucracy, but 
also increases the importance of the oversight provided by the VCL PMC 
(responsibilities they are already fulfilling). Incubation is not permanent and 
must end with either graduation or retirement. VCL is quite old by Incubation 
standards, but we've reached a good place. 

To record my perspective -- I will support graduation as a TLP. I do not, 
however, intend to continue my participation in the community. I may monitor 
mailing lists from time-to-time, but do not wish to be a committer/PMC member.


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