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I like this idea as well.  I think to do it right, there should be password 
strength enforcing criteria in place to make sure users have strong passwords.  
I also agree with others that it should be a configurable options.  Can you go 
ahead and create a JIRA issue for this?


On Friday, May 25, 2012 11:25:00 AM Dmitri Chebotarov wrote:
> Hi
> Would it be possible, and is it good idea in general due to possible
> security risks, to add "Preferred Password" field on User Preferences page
> (under RDP File Preferences or Personal Information?) to allow user to
> provide a password for all his/her reservations?
> Then VCL would use this password (if it's there) for reservations instead of
> auto-generated password.
> This is not an auto-connect option, but at least it will make it easier to
> use VCL. For the last couple days I've been using VCL for some testing and
> it would be nice to have the same password for all my reservations.
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