The first thing the module does is to make sure there aren't any old VMs left on the hypervisor. The portion of the log posted shows this check on the hypervisor, which happens just after the module is started. Could you post a longer log, perhaps something ending in an error which halts the VCL provisioning event?

Here are a few things to check from an older message posted in the vcl- dev archives:

In the vmtype table ensure you have an entry:

In the vmprofile table have an entry for your hypervisor:
<id,vmtype=the entry from the vmtype table,datastorepath=NFS mount point(ip:/path/to/ NFS),virtualswitch0=Management,virtualswitch1=Public,username=user on hypervisor,password=password of hypervisor user>

In the computer table you should have:
an entry for a hypervisor: <id,hostname,IPaddress,type=blade,vmhostid=NULL,vmtypeid=NULL> an entry for a virtual machine slot: <id,hostname,type=virtualmachine,vmhost=id of hypervisor,vmtype=entry from vmtype table>

The vmhost table associates the hypervisor's entry in the computer table with the hypervisor type declared in vmprofile. In the vmhost table you will require: <computerid=id of hypervisor,vmprofileid=id of hypervisor in vmprofile>


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On May 20, 2009, at 2:27 PM, Augustus, Kris wrote:

We are having an issue getting the VCL working. It appears to be logging into our NAS/NFS box and issuing 'cp' commands and copying the VM files from 'golden' to 'inuse'. After the files finish copying, we get an error, ' Virtual Machine TECS-ESX-4600-2 not found' (as seen below). The "TECS-ESX-4600-2" is an ESX Host, which VCL seems to reference correctly as a host some times, as seen in this line, "--server 'TECS-ESX-4600-2'". Though right after that, it shows, "--vmname TECS-ESX-4600-2". I am not sure how it got in the system as BOTH a server AND a VM.

We are using the virtual appliance 2.1, downloaded via the wiki site. I did a search of the database for TECS-ESX-4600-2 and it only shows up in tables for logs and in the 'computername' table, which seems to make sense. I grepped the following directories (recursively) for TECS-ESX:

grep "TECS-ESX" -R /var/www/html
grep "TECS-ESX" -R /opt/vcl
grep "TECS-ESX" -R /etc

Nothing significant turned up.


2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new|| inserted computer=1, info, computer state updated to reloading 2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new||Entered ESX module, loading esx3-linuxtest-v0 on TECS-ESX-4600-2 (on TECS- ESX-4600-2) for reservation 34 2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new||VM info command: /usr/lib/vmware-viperl/apps/vm/ --server 'TECS- ESX-4600-2' --vmname TECS-ESX-4600-2 --username vcl --password 'xxxxxxxxxxx' 2009-05-14 17:43:23|6423|34:34|new||VM info output: Virtual Machine TECS-ESX-4600-2 not found.2009-05-14 17:43:23|6423| 34:34|new||executing SSH command on|6423|34:34|new| rm -rf /mnt/vcl/inuse/TECS-ESX-4600-2

Any help would be appreciated.


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