Hi Ron,
Thanks for the feed back.
If you can describe your problem more concisely, we can better solve it.
We need the information such as how many console-login service instances are 
If console-login:vt3 does not exist, ALt F3 does nothing even if vtdaemon is 

And there are too many other possibilities that your hotkeys do not work. It 
might be
the problem of your keyboard layout or it could be hardware issues...

This project is still under development, what people can use now is the fruit of
phase 1. So the documents may not be very comprehensive, please be patient.

I understand your feelings when struggling to get everything to working on your
desktop, but better communication comes from polite communication.
So if we really want to solve the problem, using emotional words help nothing.


On 12/15/08 01:05, Ron Halstead wrote:
> On build 103, I have set hotkeys = true, refreshed the service so that pgrep 
> -fl vtdaemon shows
> 17590 /usr/lib/vtdaemon -c 16 but ALT L f3 does nothing. I assume Alt L means 
> the left Alt key. 
> Nowhere have I seen a concise writeup of how to set up and use virtual 
> console. Its as if this "feature" is a puzzle and the prize is, it works, but 
> only If you solve the puzzle. Someone posted above the description "lame".
> 1+
> --ron

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