Riny Qian wrote:
> Kernel messages output (e.g. via cmn_err) is different with user level
> messages output via /dev/console.

I don't see how this is at all useful and it is confusingly different to 
what I believe happens on other platforms.

> Or perhaps we can still take the /dev/console policy of older Solaris
> (e.g. 2.5) with virtual console functionality, under that, /dev/console
> was the primary console, and VT just provided additional virtual console
> terminals. Everything that redirects to /dev/console will not go to
> the current virtual console. Even on such older Solaris, kernel messages
> still always went through the current virtual console exactly as what we
> do now.

That is exactly what I'm looking for, which is I believe how it works on 
other platforms.

I'd highly recommend not being different from other platforms unless 
there is a very compelling reason to give new and useful functionality. 
  I don't see cmn_err messages being "spread out" over multiple VTs as 

Darren J Moffat

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