Riny Qian wrote:
> There are some differences among other systems (e.g. our older Solaris
> and Linux, we'll take a look at other systems).
> Considering your abovementioned special case, now I prefer the policy of
> our older Solaris, that is, /dev/console is a primary real console, and
> VTs are just additional console terminals for users. Thus console
> messages always go to the same place, and kernel messages also can
> always go to the primay console (or some fixed virtual console).

I think that is a great proposal.  Particularly because the other 
behaviours can then be simulated using consadm(1m).  That is if you want 
all of the VTs to get all of the console output use consadm to do that, 
eg consadm -a /dev/vt1 (or what ever we name the devices).

Darren J Moffat

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