Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Riny Qian wrote:
>> Virtual console switch between Xserver and consoles needs the graphics
>> support (enter/exit virtual console state) from Xserver.
>> Currently Xsun on SPARC does not support this functionality,
> If it's just adding the same ioctl's that we call on x86, then Xsun will
> support it just as soon as you tell us to.   Removing the #ifdef i386
> around those is trivial.

It seems not simple, see LSARC/1996/291 x86 X Server VT Support, and we
need similar feature on SPARC, which involves both the core server and
each of the DDX modules.

> Long term we still want to move to Xorg on SPARC, and will also be happy
> to remove the #ifdef i386 from those ioctl's too.

I hope it would not take a long time.

> If the X server needs to change in any way to make virtual consoles work
> on either SPARC or x86, just ask.    I can't guarantee we'll do anything
> that involves months of work, but we are very interested in discussing
> anything required and anything as simple as calling ioctls or similar
> easy changes should be no problem at all.

We'll do, and thanks in advance :-)

BTW, I've made such easy changes to Xorg to enable the switch between
Xorg and consoles. I'll post the binaries onto the project page for
early try after some further testing.


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