Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>> Is there a prototype of the vconsole work yet ?
>> See CR# 6446957, we need vconsole to make the GDM/GNOME "Switch User"
>> functionality work properly.
> Virtual console is also needed for gdm to replace the current
> "hacky" method used by dtlogin for "Command Line Login" so that
> users can get to a console prompt from the gdm login screen.

Actually I disagree I just don't see the need for that functionality at 
all and see it as something that can easily go way with the transition 
to GDM (and IMO should).  It just isn't needed with SMF anymore and is 
really an implementation artifact of how dtlogin got started pre-SMF days.

If X or GDM is so badly broken then the relevant SMF service will fail 
and you will be dropped at the console login prompt.

If you just want a "quick" login use fail safer terminal.

I really don't see what "Command Line" login buys you - it doesn't work 
on Sun Ray either!

Darren J Moffat

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