martin f krafft <> wrote:
>    The workflows I know currently are: my topgit workflow, Mehdi's
>    quilt workflow, and Guido's git-buildpackage approach. There my
>    be others.

Aren't Mehdi and Guido basically doing the same thing?  From what I
understand, the only difference is that Guido uses git-rebase, while
Mehdi manually applies the old patches to a new branch (which is exactly
what git-rebase does).

Maybe it's a lack of imagination on my part -- wouldn't be the first
time! -- but I don't see this as N approaches out of many, but merely as
a question of whether you intend to use $(VCS) to develop/maintain
patches, or merely to store them (and take advantage of $(VCS)'s tools).
The former naturally leads to multiple branches and merging; the latter,
to a single branch and rebasing.  From there, what exact steps you take
is a question of details.

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