I can answer to this question, but not in a public maillist an to a
anonym person.

Now which email address is more "anonym", <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
or <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>? I guess quite a few people here on this ML know
who I am - but who exactly are YOU?

you can send me a letter (bundespost) and then
i tell you the next step(s).

Well, we already know the patent number (105-6ld0606.HG-j.187),
so maybe you could just let us know which patent office this is
registered with?

I can only say: it is not a kind of software,
sondern the procedure.

This is rubbish! A "procedure" is the same as "software".
It describes a method of how to do something. Since apparently
all you distribute is software, anything "patented" in there
must be software.

Or does your patent refer to some hardware you might be selling?

Why are you making such a secret about your patent?


The software is freeware.

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daliman wrote:
Hi, the number of the patant is shown in the installer. Please
tell your question to the patentamt.
Greet, DaLiMan

Any chance you might tell us that patent number without the
need for installing your program?

I'd really like to know what this software-patent is about...



Am Samstag, 5. August 2006 10:10 schrieb Helmut Auer:
Hi Daliman,

The second try of DaLiBoxSW3000MC (rev. 02) is (the first was to
buggy) ready for Downloading. I described a lot in the start article

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