Martin Dauskardt wrote:
> I upgraded to 1.4.1-4, which seems to include the patch from Anssi
> ( )
> I am not happy with this patch: My machine has a FF-card and
> Budget-Card+CAM. There was no timer for any encrypted channel
> programmed. All active timers were set for ARD.  I had absolutely no
> plans to watch Premiere,  I was not even at home :-)
> But all recordings were done with the FF card. vdr started with the ARD
> channel, and the well known performance problem of FF cards resulted in
> bad recordings (buffer usage ... /clearing).

Interesting. So there was just one channel recording and the FF card
already run out of bandwidth?

Do you use a recent (like newer than 1 year) DVB driver and firmware?

> You see, I want the the opposite than the original poster asked for. For
> me it is more important to get good recordings than to be able to switch
> to an encrypted channel why recording another one.
> So I want vdr to always use the Budget card for recordings.Can this be
> done in any way without patching vdr? Is there any solution I don`t see?
> (Of course I don´t want to hardcode every channel in channels.conf to
> the Budget card. I still want to be able to make two FTA-recordings on
> different frequencies.)
> I think the best solution would be to make this configurable in DVB
> settings or in timer menu so that the user can select the DVB card he
> wants to use for the recording.

Unless Klaus comes up with something smart we didn't thought, there are
few possibilities to resolve this by adding a config option:
a) selection of the preferred card for recordings
b) alternatively, a list of preferred cards in order of priority
c) or a bool value to select whether to prefer Budget-CI or FF

The resulting new rule in GetDevice() should be placed between the
"lowest priority" check and the "lowest CA" check.

Anssi Hannula

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