> That card works fine, in fact its recommended by many vdr users. Here is
> the scoop.
> The card does NOT do HDTV decoding in hardware.  It will do it in
> software assuming the modulation is QPSK, (it does NOT support 8PSK
> commonly used for HDTV at least here)  The card is used like a budget
> card if you are doing HDTV.
> The "j2" mod on that board is done incorrectly.  It does NOT have the
> proper circuitry to work "out of the box", (It does NOT do component,
> only RGB).  It is NOT terminated properly.  It does post a risk of
> damaging the card if things are incorrectly wired.  Correctly wired and
> terminated the RGB out works excellent.
> Any other questions?

I'm confused.  I thought component video was RGB?  s-video uses luminance 
and chrominance, component uses RGB - am I wrong?
The SCART pinout says "RED/Chroma pin 15", "RED/Chroma GND pin 13", "Green 
pin 11", "Green GND pin 9",  "Blue pin 7", "Blue GND pin 5".

How do you go about terminating the RBG from J2 properly?  What can this be 
connected to?

So the tuner will tune QPSK HDTV channels, which can be recorded or 
displayed with vdr-xine or softdevice, but the MPEG decoder won't output 
them.  What's the best setup to use this then?  Do you run vdr-xine or 
softdevice all the time and ignore the FF bit - to support TV and HDTV?  Or 
just start vdr-xine when you tune to an HD channel?  What does the MPEG 
decoder output when tuned to HDTV?
Is there a better FF HDTV card with component/s-video MPEG decoder?

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