Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> C.Y.M wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> C.Y.M wrote:
>>>> ... [ problem with A/V desync ]
>>>> I would have to say that this is exactly the same thing I have been
>>>> experiencing
>>>> for years and years.  But, this never happens with budget cards.. only
>>>> FF cards.
>>> I'm not sure what you mean here. Budget cards can't replay,
>>> so it's clear that this problem can't happen with them.
>>> Or are you saying that this only happens with recordings
>>> made from FF cards, and not with recordings made from
>>> budget cards? Both, of course, replayed via a FF card.
>> What I was trying to say is that the recordings are not damaged.  They
>> seem to
>> playback fine with a software decoder on both FF and budget cards.
> There you go again: a software decoder *can't* replay "on a budget card".
> This is just nonsense (sorry, no offense).

OK, I understand what you are saying because nothing outputs through a budget
card.  What I meant to say is that a recording from a budget card and a
recording from a FF card both play the same when using a software decoder such
as xine.

>> I think that
>> Udo has brought up a very good point about why mplayer is "immune" to
>> the a/v
>> desync problem when just using mpegpes to forward the video to the FF
>> dvb card.
> What VDR sends to the FF DVB card *is* MPEG-PES. I wouldn't know
> what to do differently - but apparenty mplayer does some magic,
> so if this can be found out, it might help.

ACK. I hope that someone who understands the mpegpes code in mplayer can shed
some light on this. What kind of repacking is mplayer doing that fixes this
problem.  It is definitely not transcoding the video.  All it is doing is
forwarding the video to the dvb card via mpegpes.

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