Udo Richter wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> However, (don't know exactly if this has already been suggested as such)
>> maybe a simple feature in the new shutdown code could be to allow the
>> user to specify *one* time at which VDR shall be guaranteed to be "up",
>> along with a time period for which it shall stay up. That way external
>> tools
>> could be scheduled using "cron", and they could rely on VDR being up
>> at that time.
> The downside of this would be that again several external tasks would
> fight for one resource: the time set in VDR.

I don't see why "several external tasks would fight for" that time.
This is something the user would set up the way he wants it. If he
wants one or more external tools to have access to VDR at, say,
04:00 in the morning, then he could configure VDR so that it is
up at that time. Of course he would also have to make sure that
the external tools would use that time slot accordingly.

What would be a scenario where external tools would "fight" for
this time?


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