Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
However, (don't know exactly if this has already been suggested as such)
maybe a simple feature in the new shutdown code could be to allow the
user to specify *one* time at which VDR shall be guaranteed to be "up",
along with a time period for which it shall stay up. That way external tools
could be scheduled using "cron", and they could rely on VDR being up
at that time.

The downside of this would be that again several external tasks would fight for one resource: the time set in VDR. And it wouldn't be much different from the current possible solution to compare the VDR wakeup time with other wakeup times in the shutdown script.

For the 0.2 patch, I've added the interface for plugins to modify the wakeup time. That way it shouldn't be too difficult to implement a task scheduler plugin that can be extended to everyone's need, and to implement basic scheduling in existing plugins. (epgsearch for example could implement a wakeup-at-night feature quite easily.)



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