Peter Dittmann wrote:
How about a new two level inactivity timeout ?
After VDR starts the inactivity timeout uses a first short timeout (e.g. 5min) assuming that VDR has automaticly being started.

Actually, even in worst case you'll see the 5-minute-countdown, so you already have enough time to become interactive.

Last but not least I would personally wish for an new anti-timeout-plugin that would block VDR from shutting down on request.

You could just set the Min User Inactivity to 0, and VDR will not shut down automatically. (unless you hit the power key - this will even work delayed, eg. after a recording ends.)

However the last one now look like it's just a very simple plugin.

It is. Just type ./newplugin Noshutdown, then edit Noshutdown.c so that cPluginNoshutdown::Active() always returns a string. Done.



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