Udo Richter wrote:
Marko Mäkelä wrote:
One more thing: are the timeouts for interactive->inactive->shutdown
configureable?  Is there a way to force VDR to enter inactive mode
without immediate shutdown?

Inactive mode is triggered by the Min User Inactivity timeout config option, by default 3 hours. 3 hours after the last key press VDR changes to inactive.

How about a new two level inactivity timeout ?
After VDR starts the inactivity timeout uses a first short timeout (e.g. 5min) assuming that VDR has automaticly being started. Only after seeing any real user activity the normal Inactivity timeout (e.g. 2..3h) is used. Of course this can be combined with override functions on VDR startup (e.g. force plugin or timer start) as already suggested.

Last but not least I would personally wish for an new anti-timeout-plugin that would block VDR from shutting down on request. I sometimes watching TV in the workshop via RF modulated TV from my master VDR. Sometimes you miss the shutdown countdown and are surprised that the TV turns to noise only, sometimes it's just anoying to go up to switch the countdouwn off ;-))

However the last one now look like it's just a very simple plugin.

kind regards Peter

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