Hi Oli,

have you installed femon? Have you had a look at the perception level? What
does it say? Is there a difference when tuning to SAT.1 (which is on the
same stream like Pro7).

One other thing that comes to my mind: Sat1 and Pro7 use 7.5MBit/s whereas
ARD, ZDF and stuff use 15MBit, which can be a problem on poor network

I also use streamdev-server a lot, over my 802.11g WLAN .. with VLC on Vista
already. I use it, to watch TV in my bedroom.


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Hello martin,

> can you give us a hint what the problem is? So if you only have budget
> cards, what kind of frontend do you use? Need to know a bit more from your
> setup.

Sorry for not being more verbose.

I am using streamdev-server on the VDR in the attic, and VLC as a 
frontend running downstairs on a WinXP or Ubuntu system. The problem is 
a totally distorted picture, like when I have thunderstorm outside with 
bad reception. Block artefacts etc.
Sometimes it gets so bad, VLC quits from errors.

The funny thing is, it is ONLY on some of the channels.
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