Hello Martin,

there is a plugin Femon available - much nicer output! You should check it
out! Then you have clear text messages.

Problem here is, I don't have access to the regular VDR OSD.

So, I'm no expert, but "ber" and "unc" must be zero (I'm sure you can have a
look in wiki). So, as you see, you had some values there.

I will see what I can find.

> This seems then to
be a signal problem. Either your sat dish is not perfectly set up or you may
have problems with v/h switching. Btw: I use femon plugin in vdr to adjust
my dish. So how did you do?

The dish had been setup ages ago. So, I guess, I will have a look at the switching.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
PGP Key ID: 0x83E1C2EA

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