Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
Hello Martin,

there is a plugin Femon available - much nicer output! You should check it
out! Then you have clear text messages.

Problem here is, I don't have access to the regular VDR OSD.

I think it's worth using your ubuntu system to get to the vdr interface every now and then..

Which ubuntu are you using?

I had to download and compile xine-lib (for multiple audio streams to work), vdr-1.4.5 (for the development environment) and xineliboutput, then compiled xinelibout to run as a frontend.

(if you want, I can pack my compiled archives up of these environments and let you just run make install on them..)

vdr-sxfe xvdr://vdrserver works to get me a vdr interface and picture. You can even use a remote with it - very nice for watching tv from the bed.

On the server side, compile xineliboutput but don't run a local frontend, allow remote connections.

For windows, I found the vompclient excellent, although no support yet for multiple audio streams. Although it won't solve the problem here of testing the signal level.

So, I'm no expert, but "ber" and "unc" must be zero (I'm sure you can have a look in wiki). So, as you see, you had some values there.

I will see what I can find.

 > This seems then to
be a signal problem. Either your sat dish is not perfectly set up or you may have problems with v/h switching. Btw: I use femon plugin in vdr to adjust
my dish. So how did you do?

The dish had been setup ages ago. So, I guess, I will have a look at the switching.

Thanks for your help.

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