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On 19 Apr 2007, at 09:41, Alasdair Campbell wrote:

> In the original post I was just wondering if xineliboutput has been
> written with the matrox specific instructions that softdevice's "-vo
> dfb:mgatv" uses. As I don't understand the difference between "-vo
> dfb:" & "-vo dfb:mgatv" I can't really say what difference this would
> make.

I belive this is entirely dependent on what xine instance you're
using with xinelib. Are you using df_xine? I think it should handle
field parity correctly.

I'm firing up df_xine now to see if there's any similarity.
OK, playing a copy of some interlaced video with scrolling text (BBC News 24).

Using df_xine -a 5:4 -l 0 -s -f top 001.vdr
I get perfect output! This is what Markus and I are seeing for a few
seconds before the field sync gets screwed

With df_xine -a 5:4 -l 0 -s -f bottom 001.vdr
The output is constantly like the stuttering video we're seeing most
of the time.

So somehow xineliboutput is losing field sync, should be a simple fix
then... :-)

Needless to say I have no audio, buts it just a configuration problem at my end.

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