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> Because I'm using a 550Mhz P3, my only option is to use the
> xineliboutput until I figure out what is causing the big CPU load
> variations. As I've never had softdevice successfully running on this
> television, I can't really say anything about it's quality, though I
> know there's been lots of work in respect to the matrox cards.

Another alternative is to use the other vdr xine plugin with df_xine,
which gives very good results with my Matrox (G450). About the only
problem is that it sometimes doesn't scale the OSD correctly, chopping
off the right hand side. Something to do with 16:9 vs 4:3 I'm sure. And

I'm seeing something similar to that with More4 & other less popular channels 
on UK DVB-T. The lower resolution or incorrect imprinted aspect ratio causes the 
OSD to zoom to the left two thirds, with the right third off screen.

As this only happens on one or two channels that I watch, It's not bothering me 
too much. xineliboutput is exactly what I need at the moment, with my headless 
recording server and one streaming client - I wanted to control the server osd 
directly for now.

I don't know whether it can handle letterboxing an interlaced 16:9
picture for a 4:3 TV. I heard that softdevice gets, or used to get that
wrong, as if it treated the two fields as one frame and scaled them
together, rather than scaling each field separately. Maybe the hardware
doesn't support the latter, in which case it would have to use slow
software scaling.

When I was using softdevice I had a 4:3 TV, but wanted to view 16:9 content in 
full (so with black horizontal bars above and below video). With this setup, 
interlaced video would show artifacts. I believe that's been fixed by the kind 
softdevice guys.

My experience with softdevice was that the A/V sync was a bit off for
live TV and way off for recordings. df_xine is spot on.

If you want to be able to stop/start df_xine and/or watch other videos
all with one remote control you can use boxstar as a front-end.

I had issues with audio sync with softdevice too, can't really say how it deals 
now, as I'm underpowered.

So boxstar will give me direct control over VDR similar to xineliboutput? I 
hadn't realised that.
At the moment I'm not looking to change my setup, just tweak what I have :-)

(Sorry if the formatting on this email is all wrong, I'm writing this with lynx 
on the console, as my laptop is without X at the moment...)

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