Am Donnerstag, 19. April 2007 15:06:54 schrieb Alasdair Campbell:
> config_xineliboutput
> # field parity
> # { none  top  bottom }, default: 0
> #video.device.directfb_field_parity:none

That's funny, my config_xineliboutput doesn't have this config option per 
But I can insert it and when set to 'top' video quality is quite awesome, but 
there are still some small hickups and stutters here and there (even with 
vsync set to 1). Maybe some other settings are still missing, that softdevice 
With Bloomberg (German news/stock channel) I see a very odd behavior: To have 
to video itself fullscreen, I have to enable local frontend scaling but then 
the OSD is renderd much too big. So I have to enable OSD resizing/downscaling 
which results in a very unnice OSD (fonts look a bit ugly and the complete 
OSD is not the nicest view.).
And channels broadcasting a 16:9 signal are always scaled up to my 4:3 CRT TV, 
so I have the typical 'long faces' (I think that's only a configuration 
setting, but I haven't been able to locate it...)
I'm currently not in a productive environment (that runs with a FF and VDR 
1.26 :)) with software decoding, but from what I can say so long, using 
DirectFB and the Matrox G450s TV-Out, softdevice is my personal favorite! I 
think xineliboutput doesn't earn it's high version number in this 'special' 
BUT I have to admit that xineliboutput uses only half of the CPU power of 
softdevice, so it's video decoder has to be more efficient...

Greetings, Markus

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