On Friday 20 April 2007 20:50:16 Alasdair Campbell wrote:
> My experiences with a 16:9 TV are different but theres some issues
> with scaling & OSD that I would like to fix..

Maybe it's just a config-problem, at least it's a bit non-intuitive :)

> I noticed that any scaling of the OSD results in quite poor text.

Yes, that's also my experience so far. 

> However :-), I would prefer it if the OSD stayed at 16:9 resolution
> all the time, with just the video layer beneath changing per content
> aspect ratio. I'm not sure how I could cause this, or even it it's
> possible with the framebuffer.

It has to be possible *somehow*, 'cause softdevice works here (on a 4:3 CRT 
TV) without any scaling problems, OSD has always the correct size and 16:9 
content has the typical black borders on the top and the bottom...
To bad I don't have a 16:9 TV available here...

> Because I'm using a 550Mhz P3, my only option is to use the
> xineliboutput until I figure out what is causing the big CPU load
> variations. 

Yes, a big plus for xineliboutput...

> As I've never had softdevice successfully running on this 
> television, I can't really say anything about it's quality, though I
> know there's been lots of work in respect to the matrox cards.

I think this comes from the fact that AFAIK at least one of the softdevice 
coders uses a Matrox G550 for video output ;)

Greetings, Markus

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