Chris wrote:
> I noticed kind of the same problem in 1.4.x. As far as I can remember
> VDR crashed not just when a timer started but also when the timer was
> about to be completed.
> Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how I got rid off it since I've changed a
> lot of settings since then, but I think it has something to do with the
> DVB setting "Update channels" - even though I couldn't find any correlation
> when I checked the sources.
> Try setting "Update channels" to "no" and see if VDR still crashes while
> using mplayer when a timer starts.

I guess you missed the correct "setting" which fixes that bug: You
bought a second DVB card.

_VDR_ crashes when starting a timer while mplayer-Plugin is running.
That's because vdr had to close the device to let mplayer open it. When
the recording starts, vdr tries to open the device but fails:
-> emergency restart -> close mplayer-Plugin -> quit mplayer.

I always thought of rewriting the plugin to write the video data
directly to the device instead of letting mplayer do it. I already had
parts of the code in the recoder-tools. Now I bought a second card and
the problem is gone, so is my ambition to write this code. :-(

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