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Well, maybe a second DVB card fixes the problem, but this surely wasn't
what helped me. When I started with VDR half a year ago with one FF card,
I had this trouble with timers/mplayer but then I changed some stuff
during the time (settings, DVB drivers, newer mplayer version etc.) the
problem was gone for good for months now. And I bought a second DVB card
just two weeks ago. :)

Very, very strange.  The problem certainly exists using vdr-1.5.2,
mplayer-nogui 1:1.0-rc1svn20070501-0.1, mp3/mplayer plugin version
0.9.15, and mplayer.sh version 0.8.7..  The problem has always existed
here and I've used every version of all those starting nearly 4 years
ago.  Patrick's explanation makes sense to me and I don't see how the
problem could be resolved otherwise...?

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