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I also have a single FF card setup and know about the problem you speak of
with mplayer causing VDR to crash when a timers goes off while mplayer is in
use.  Could you try building current svn of mplayer with current HG dvb
drivers and let us know if you still have the problem?  This problem seems
to have disappeared for me after updating mplayer a few weeks ago.  It is
not reproducable for me every time.. only sometimes.

Ok, I've grabbed, compiled & installed both the mplayer svn and v4l
drivers from today.  So far I've only tested it once but this time VDR
did not crash.  The mplayer plugin appeared to abort and the recording
seems to have started.  There was no audio or video on the tv though
until I changed the channel.  I'll do more testing a little later

My main questions are, is it absolutely necessary that the mplayer
plugin abort for a timer to start recording?  Is it absolutely
necessary that the mplayer plugin open the tuner card, taking it away
from VDR?  From previous posts it sounds like this problem can be
eliminated with a code rewrite.

Thanks guys!

*Note: This is in reference to a single card system using a FF card.

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