Josce Unknown schrieb:
>>> Well if the PC clock was correct all the time I would probably not have
>>> to use the set time function :)
>> Yes, but typically PC HW clock does not drift so much.  You could use 
>> hwclock --systohc (and possibly --utc or --localtime) after letting
>> the vdr to set the system clock.
> I am sure this would fix the problem. However, is this really the way it 
> should work?
> The clock is four minutes off, let's PANIC?
> To be honest, I have seen a lot of worse PC clocks around than the one I 
> have
> on my spare computer ...
> Josce

Hi all,
Josc, i would say your oppinion is correct,
the real problem here is not the clock beeing off 4 Minutes,
it is the way vdr changes the local clock without noticing his
internal watchdog about this discontinuit in the timebase.
I would call it a bug.
either it should adjust the clock in steps of a few seconds like
ntpd does or it should tell his own watchdog to ignore this "jump" in time.

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