My understanding is that the updated epg data has been transmitted here in
the uK across all dvb-t mux's since about March/April. Not all channels may
have completely updated there backend systems yet but all the major channels
have done so. Clearly launching the Freeview Playback 'brand' and therefore
its feature set means the epg data must be broadly available for these new
PVR boxes to work as advertised.

So the data must be there somewhere ;-)


On 6/12/07, Dave P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Tuesday 12 Jun 2007, Alex Stansfield wrote:
> Hi,
> with the launch of Freeview Playback in the UK, I was wondering if
> anyone here knew how the series links were sent to the dvb box.
> Freeview Playback is a system by which series link information is sent
> to the dvb box, allowing someone to select to record a whole series.
> Some sort of link information is sent, I guess in the epg, about each
> episode so that the dvb box can be sure it's always recording unique
> episodes of a series.
> I thought that support for Freeview Playback would be an excellent
> addition to plugins like epgsearch.
> If anyone knows any more about how the system works or has the DTG
> specification (can't see it on their website) please let me know.

The EPG format is covered by this document (which I think is the latest


so presumably the data fits in to the specification somehow. I looked
through this and also checked the broadcast data with dvbsnoop last
weekend but couldn't see anything obvious. Maybe no-one is broadcasting
the links yet.

It would certainly be an excellent addition to VDR.


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