Andrew Herron wrote:
> So on the basis that the enhanced EPG data is in the EIT how would this be
> added to vdr?
> A patch? A plug-in? Any views on this?

Well for me my preference would be to have support in epgsearch. I'm not
sure how widely used this plugin is but I adore it and use it for series
recording and epg replacement. My choice would be that when you create a
search from a program in the epg it detects if there is series link for
that program and offers to use that as it's search method.

However I guess it would probably make sense to be a patch to vdr so
that it's available to all in one place and doesn't have to be
implemented in multiple plugins (as I'm sure the people who don't used
epgsearch would still like this feature).

So perhaps a patch to vdr that does the hard work and then plugins can
support it if they wish (so I could still setup the series recordings
through epgsearch)

just my 2p,



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