The document we need to look at is the one that specifies how to process
Event Information (AKA EPG) and is called
"ETSI EN 300 468". The latest one is found here;

It looks like section 5.2.4 contains the information we are looking for,
covers the Event Information Table (EIT). This should be possible to decode
in a
similar way the 'scan' program grabs, extracts and processes the Network
Information Table (PID 0x10), except you'd want to work on PID 0x12 instead.

On 6/13/07, Dave P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Wednesday 13 Jun 2007, Andrew Herron wrote:
> Hi,
> My understanding is that the updated epg data has been transmitted here
> in the uK across all dvb-t mux's since about March/April. Not all
> channels may have completely updated there backend systems yet but all
> the major channels have done so. Clearly launching the Freeview Playback
> 'brand' and therefore its feature set means the epg data must be broadly
> available for these new PVR boxes to work as advertised.
> So the data must be there somewhere ;-)

Is "Freeview Playback" the same as "TV-Anytime"? The latter is covered by
an ETSI specification TS 102 323, though I haven't found a copy online as
yet, and the data is carried in the EIT tables.


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