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> If only the hardware vendors where as "united" as the movie-industry.

HDCP was invented by Intel, Silicon Image holds a lot of patents on DVI and
HDMI. As long as they can sell chips and licenses, they don't care about the
consumer, looks quite united to me ;-)

In principle, HDMI is not that bad (ok, the mechanical part is ugly...). In
contrast to DVI, it allows to encapsulate audio and additional information,
which makes it much more universal. Unfortunately it is quite expensive to
get into the club (and buy chips) and the legal stuff is -er- demanding...

And quite frankly, the "dumb" consumer doesn't care about HDCP and its
implications. Compared to DRM on music, HDCP is invisible to him, he has no
visible disadvantage. So all the boycott stuff is for freaks only. The
consumer buys a display with HDMI and it just works (with or without
HDCP). BTW: HDMI doesn't mean you have to enable HDCP.

But you can't tell the consumer "sorry, we think that HDMI is
bad/crap/useless anyway, so we have only analog output". He will look for
another product with a plug in the right form factor. And nobody spends a
few hundred thousand $ on HW development just for a freak product...

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