I demand that Georg Acher may or may not have written...

> And quite frankly, the "dumb" consumer doesn't care about HDCP and its
> implications. Compared to DRM on music, HDCP is invisible to him, he has no
> visible disadvantage.

That's as may be... however, it does seem to be ignoring those of us who
happen to want video output in a window (as I do now with vdr & gxine). If
there's any taintware involved in that, I for one don't want it.

(And I couldn't care less about it right now, at least for my own use -
there's no terrestrial HD broadcasting here and there won't be until 2012 at
the earliest, that being when analogue transmission is switched off.)

> So all the boycott stuff is for freaks only.

Right... so consumers are either dumb or freaks... remember that you're one
too :-รพ

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