Norbert Goebel wrote:
> Why is this done in this order and not like this:
> a) check the shutdown-hooks and if those exit with exitcode=0 do b) else 
> abort the shutdown sequence without a message (exception: the script 
> wants to be verbose and does it itself)
> b) display shutdown abort message
> c) wait for the timeout and shutdown if it happens

The purpose of the shutdown script has never been to report whether 
shutdown is possible or not. The only purpose of the shutdown script is 
to shut down the computer and kill VDR, or do nothing. There was never 
any return code defined that indicates shutdown-readiness, nor was the 
return code ever checked.

Your strategy would therefore be a completely new shutdown script that 
is more like a check-for-activity script, and that would still require 
another script that actually does the shutdown after all.

Such a functionality could also be implemented by a simple plugin that 
reports plugin activity based on return codes from an external script.

> I for example am trying and trying to get rid of the onscreen message 
> "Taste drücken, um Ausschalten abzubrechen" automatically

btw, since VDR 1.5.1 (or 1.4.x with the shutdown rewrite patch), this 
message got replaced by a fancier "VDR will shut down in x:xx minutes" 
message, that counts down in 10-second steps, and that does no longer 
block most of VDR for 5 minutes.



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