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DIN is a bit misleading, it's a 9pin Mini-DIN plug, similar to some graphics cards. There's YUV on it and for SDTV-modes optionally YC instead. HDMI and
YUV have identical timings for now, so except it's not possible to
have simultaneously 1080i on HDMI and PAL-YC on the Mini-DIN, 576p on HDMI
is the exception.

Hmm, a bit confusing.. Your saying that it's a component signal, not composite nor s-video? And you can only have output on both if the driver is set to output 576p? Or are you saying you can have output on both, but only as 576i if the driver sets a mode for 576p on the HDMI output?

How is the driver support done? As a dvb driver similar to the drivers for full featured cards? The german vdr forum postings didn't translate very well with google translate.

Torgeir Veimo

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