Lars Bläser wrote:
> Georg Acher wrote:
>> There was a discussion on that in this list a while ago which ended in
>> fruitless anoyance about one binary only module in the Linux kernel on the
>> HD card. Look for "future VDR and NetCeiver OEM from Reelmultimedia" and
>> "issues about binary only code...".
> its not really about the binary if its working its mote the fact that
> future kernel wont support this binary stuff and its supposed to be a
> future proof solution

As Georg said, this binary module is *inside* the *card*. It may "only" 
limit your ability to update/modify the kernel which is running *in* the 
card. I don't see much of a problem in that (note that the firmware of 
current DVB full-featured cards is completely closed!), while some 
others do.

Anssi Hannula

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